Should You Opt For A Photo and Video Team?

August 15, 2020
photo and video team

Should You Opt For a Photo and Video Team or Separate Vendors?

In a world where there are so many talented Photographers and Videographers it can be hard to choose the perfect fit. Sometimes your search for the best option may leave you deciding between a team that does both photo and video and a separate Photographer and Videographer. If you’re set on both photo and video for your wedding, we think hiring a team that fits your style and vision is the best option to save you both time and stress.

When looking for separate vendors you essentially double your research and contact points, since you will be reaching out and coordinating with two or more people. This can make the planning process much more tedious to keep track of for some couples. If you are set on a certain Photographer or Videographer, then this stress may be worth having these separate conversations. If this is the case and you’ve already booked one vendor, don’t be afraid to ask them if they can offer some recommendations to help your search.

Nothing is worse than losing track of contracts and losing out on your date with vendors. Putting down retainers on your vendors can also take the magic out of planning your wedding day. It can feel like you’re constantly reviewing contracts and cutting checks. By condensing the number of payments you have to coordinate by choosing a team that can offer multiple services will help alleviate some of the wedding prep hassle you may be facing.

A team that is delivering the visual components of your wedding will want the couple to have a cohesive experience between both photo and video. You can be assured that a team that does both photography and videography will have very complimentary styles so that there is no disconnect when reliving your memories in either format. Make sure you do review vendor galleries and previous wedding films to gain peace of mind before committing to a team or separate vendors. 

Regardless if you are considering a team or separate vendors at this time, be sure to do plenty of research to help narrow down your search. Photography and Videography is an investment in your wedding day that you still have once all the champagne and cake has been devoured. You should be sure your team of vendors fits not only your budget but your overall vision.

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