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About Us

At Swoon Creative Collective we specialise in timeless, stylised photography and highlight films that are catered for your day – to make you feel as intense as you did during your wedding while reliving the memories. From the tears to the smiles, we capture the moments that really matters and edit the day into a beautiful visual experience that shares really well online, to your friends and family, and will withstand the test of time with a modern, yet classic, style.

Swoon Creative Collective also offers photography and videography packages so you can receive a seamless experience during your wedding day, and again while receiving your most precious of memories. Hiring a group that works together fluidly means you can relax and enjoy the experience, knowing you’re in the hands of a team that truly understands what is important on your wedding day. Please inquire within for package pricing, we offer an incentive for booking both photography and videography…because we really love working together!

We take on a limited number of weddings per calendar year so that our focus can truly be spent on ensuring our couples receive the best quality photo and video experience, both prior to and after the wedding party dust has settled. By limiting our bookings, we have more time to dive into what makes your love undeniably special and connect with you on a deeper level, helping us to convey your love for each other. We also strive to deliver your wedding photos and/or video in a timely manner and it couldn’t be possible without sacrificing quality; that’s a compromise we will never make.

Your Love Story…Visualized

Who we are

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Photo Shooting

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Photo Editing

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Photo Exibition

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Jen Jacob

Photographer / Videographer / Knife Maker / #whereisthecoffee?

Jennifer (or Jen for short) loves doing both photography and helping Cody with video, either second shooting or assisting with BTS for the youtube channel. She also enjoys getting on the channel every once in a while to drop some awesome knowledge. Jen has been a professional hairstylist for the past 10 years and in her downtime loves to forge various knives and items out of hot steel. Jen loves her puppies and even convinced Cody to get a rescue bunny named, Boomer (what a sucker) She loves to cuddle up with Cody and watch horror films through her fingers. ``Like seriously can we just watch Secret Life of Pets please?!`` -Jen on multiple occasions

Cody J. Morell

Videographer / Colorist / Editor / #doyouhaveanyblacktea?

Cody is a giant dork when it comes to video and even occasionally reviews cameras and equipment on youtube for fun (check it out here). Ask him anything about cameras and he won't ever shut maybe it's best you don't lol! He loves black iced tea that is unsweetened and drinks way too much of it every day. He also likes traveling and being with his fur babies and snuggling up with Jen to watch horror movies (Jen hates horror movies but loves Cody so she deals with it) Cody loves to work on motorcycles and owns several 1970's era Honda motorcycles and he is building a 1976 Honda Cb750 Super Sport!

Mochi Lucille

Napper / Toy Destroyer / Boopie / #doyouhaveanytoys?

Woof woof woof, boff boff boff, and derp derp derp... Translation: Mochi enjoys barking at every noise because the world is scary and surprisingly enjoys making new friends. She's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who was just born to run and herd other animals. With an endless amount of energy, she enjoys chasing various items around the house and at the doggy park. Her favorite toys are either tennis balls and things that squeak (they don't squeak for long when she sinks those fangs into it) IF you're lucky she will let you pet her majestic chest floof and give you a nice nose boop!

Shortie Gimbalhip

Cuddler / Rescue Pup / Boopie #2 / #doyouhaveanytreats?

Bwof....bowww!!! RRRRRR..... Translation: Shortie also chimes in at every noise that Mochi hears and they kinda egg each other on (this must be what having kids is like?) He also enjoys making new friends but is a little standoffish at first, you need to earn this little dude's trust. Shortie is a Chiweenie and both Jen & Cody had no idea that breed even existed until they adopted him from The Animal Foundation after falling in love with him on a walk. His talents include napping super hard, laying on the sad eyes for food and stealing anything that smells like food #hewashomless #trashpup. IF you're lucky he'll stand up like a meerkat and beg you for food too & even maybe let you pet him!

Our Photography Team

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Photographer and Videographer

Jen Jacob

Photographer and Videographer

Cody J. Morell


Swoon Creative Collective is a wedding photography & videography team run and led by husband and wife (Jen + Cody) based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We thrive on connection (with each other as well as the couples we get the pleasure of working with), and sharing the special moments you want us to capture.

We are obsessed with traveling, and while loving a good adventure, the greatest feeling is coming back to home to our fur babies and snuggling up with them.

Click below to learn more about us, our fur babies and check out some of our travels / passions!

What our clients says...

I'll be perfectly honest, when my now wife said she wanted a videographer for our wedding, I wasn't really on board. I didn't think it was necessary....but skeptically came on board. She did her research and found Swoon Creative Collective. Swoon responded quickly to every inquiry we had and was just an overall great team to have around. We (okay, more so me) were a little nervous about working with complete strangers we booked over the internet but we made the right choice!

Jason Dubas+Angela

Swoon Creative Collective did a WONDERFUL job at making the biggest day in our lives come to life, for us to re-live over and over for the years to come. It is amazing how well put together our video is, It just pulls you right in. It is just like watching a fairytale movie. We were able to feel every emotion we felt that very day through this amazing video they created for us.

Meilani + Aron Martinez

"My husband and I hired Swoon to shoot our wedding after almost giving up on finding someone whose style we liked. I can’t recommend them both enough!"

Baylee + Kole Stewart

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